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A massive project by Rosetta Life, run by Lucinda Jarrett and Chris Rawlence. The project has been in action since 2012, first in Derry, then in London, Reading, Bristol. The aim is to find a way of working with stroke survivors that makes a contribution to the medical and scientific understanding of stroke, and offers possibilities for stroke rehabilitation.

Stroke survivors and professional artists work together to create performances.


Stroke Odysseys Derry, song cycle (Rosetta Life, Derry Capital of Culture, 2012)

The Broken Road, dance-theatre piece (Rosetta Life, Barbican, 2016)

Hospital Passion Play, opera (Rosetta Life, Garsington Opera, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2017)

Journey To A Word, dance-theatre piece (Rosetta Life, 2018)

The Dismantled Clarinet (Rosetta Life, 2018)

Stroke Odysseys London, dance-theatre piece (Rosetta Life, 2018)

This.Here, dance-theatre piece (Rosetta Life, 2019)

Zig Zag, dance-theatre piece (Rosetta Life, 2019)

I Look for the Think, on-line opera (Rosetta Life, Garsington Opera, 2020)

Learn from Us, short film (Rosetta Life, 2020)

Weather the Storm, opera (Rosetta Life, Garsington Opera, 2021)

Spirals, film (Rosetta Life, 2022)

I have described what I have tried to do as a composer working on Stroke Odysseys, here.

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