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with Second Stride

I met the brilliant Ian Spink in 1980. He had come over from Australia in the early 1970s and formed the dance company Second Stride with Richard Alston and Siobhan (Sue) Davies. Richard and Sue left to form their own companies, and Ian continued to direct Second Stride. Our first piece was Secret Gardens (1981), a collaboration between Ian, Antony McDonald, Tim Albery, Geraldine Pilgrim, Andrew Poppy and me. After that Ian and I (and in most cases Antony) went on to make a series of full-length dance-theatre pieces together for Second Stride. 

New Tactics (1982)

Further and Further into Night (1984)

Bosendorfer Waltzes (1986)

Weighing The Heart (1987)

Escape at Sea (1991), co-choreographed by Ashley Page, co-directed by Antony McDonald

Lives of the Great Poisoners (1993), libretto by Caryl Churchill, co-directed by James MacDonald

Badenheim (1995), libretto by Sian Evans

Hotel (1996), libretto by Caryl Churchill

Two Nights (1997), libretto by Caryl Churchill


with John Lunn, Antony Minghella and Jonathan Lunn

Goes Without Saying (London Contemporary Dance Theatre, 1989)


with Ashley Page

Savage Water (C4, 1989), directed by Terry Braun and Peter Mumford  

Currulao (Rambert Dance Company, 1990), with costumes by John Galliano

Touch Your Coolness To My Fevered Brow (Dutch National Ballet, 1992) designed by Antony MacDonald

Sleeping With Audrey (Royal Ballet, 1996), designed by Stephen Chambers

Room of Cooks (Royal Ballet, 1997), designed by Stephen Chambers

When We Stopped Talking (Royal Ballet, 1998), designed by Jon Morrell

This House Will Burn (Royal Ballet, 2001), designed by Stephen Chambers


with Shobana Jeyasingh

Late (SJDC, 1991)

Duets With Automobiles (BBC2, 1993), directed by Terry Braun

Axaxaxas Mlö (South Bank Centre,1999)

City:zen (SJDC, 2008)

Just Add Water? (SJDC, 2009)

Staging Schiele (SJDC, 2018)


with Carolyn Choa

Go (BBC2, 1993)


with Jennifer Jackson

Earth Bound (English National Ballet ,1995)


with Siobhan Davies

Of Oil and Water (SDDC, 2002), designed by David Buckland


with Charlie Morrissey

The Tree of Light (Cultural Olympiad, 2012), designed by Block9

The Way It Works (Place, 2012)

What Happens When (Joint Adventures, Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, 2016)

by Luca Silvestrini

May Contain Food (Protein Dance Company, 2018), designed by Yann Seabra

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