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Choreographed by Ashley Page

Designed by Stephen Chambers


The first of three pieces inspired by the wonderful paintings of Stephen Chambers, with their tantalizing hints of narrative.


Still image from the dance piece Sleeping with Audrey

The music is based on a strange anonymous poem:


There was a man of double deed

Who sowed his garden full of seed.

And when the seed began to grow

‘Twas like a garden full of snow.

And when the snow began to melt

‘Twas like a ship without a bell.

And when the ship began to sail

‘Twas like a bird without a tail.

And when the bird began to fly

‘Twas like an eagle in the sky.

And when the sky began to roar

‘Twas like a lion at the door.

And when the door began to crack

‘Twas like a stick across my back.

And when my back began to smart

‘Twas like a dagger in my heart.

And when my heart began to bleed

‘Twas death and death and death indeed.


The poem gives the music, for string ensemble, its structure, the painting its atmosphere.


Score available on request


Choreographed by Ashley Page

Designed by Stephen Chambers

Room of Cooks is inspired by a painting by Stephen Chambers. A man, a woman, a table, a kitchen knife. A Tarantino dance piece. The music is an expansion of material from Bosendorfer Waltzes.

Score available on request


Image from dance piece Room of Cooks


Performed by The Royal Ballet

Choreographed by Ashley Page

Designed by Stephen Chambers


Inspired by several paintings of Stephen Chambers. Febrile, complex adult relationships, complicated by the presence of anarchic children.

House will burn
Image from dance piece This House Will Burn

‘When she returned, the room seemed strangely peaceful. The children had ripped open the neighbor’s parcel, spreading hundreds of worm-like styrofoam insulators over the carpet. The box had contained a small china vase which they’d smashed against a brick fireplace. Sharp, radiant fragments lay about the darkened opening like jewels spread outside a cave.....’ Stephen Amidon


The music is orchestral, infected with diverse sampled calls in many languages.


Score available on request.


in collaboration with David Ward


An installation at Kettle’s Yard, inspired by the fact that there are (you guessed) two pianos in the house, on different floors. Extreme stereo!

Driven by the spirit of Conlon Nancarrow.


Listen to the music and if possible put two stereo speakers in different rooms....

Two pianos
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