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Savage Water (1989), dance piece, choreographed by Ashley Page,

directed by Terry Braun and Peter Mumford,

The Mathematics of a Kiss, (1989), short opera,

with John Lunn, libretto by Antony Minghella, directed by Emma Burge

The Empress (1992), opera, libretto by David Gale,

designed by Bruce MacLean, directed by Jane Thorburn 

Duets With Automobiles (1993), dance piece, choreographed by Shobana Jeyasingh, directed by Terry Braun




Not Even God Is Wise Enough (1993), drama, directed by Danny Boyle

The Wexford Trilogy (1993), dramas, directed by Emma Burge

Criminal (1994), drama, directed by Corin Campbell-Hill

A Likeness In Stone (2000), drama, directed by Charles Beeson




Meetings With Remarkable Trees (1998-2001), documentary series

People’s Century (1998-1999), documentary series,

produced by Peter Pagnamenta

The First World World War (2003), documentary series,

produced by Jonathan Lewis

China (2008), documentary series, produced by Jonathan Lewis




Hecuba (2001), directed by Ned Chaillet

Coriolanus (2003), directed by Ned Chaillet

Billiards At Half Past Nine (2006), directed Marilyn Imrie




The Wisdom of Crocodiles (1998), film, with John Lunn,

directed by Po-Chih Leong

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