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Staring Into The Abyss (Charlie Barber Band, 1993), for piano solo

Dead White European Male (Charlie Barber Band, 1994) for chamber orchestra

Malouf (Charlie Barber Band, 1995), for chamber orchestra

Mungo Dances (Opus 20, 1997), for string orchestra

Play (Norfolk and Norwich Festival, 2001), lyrics by Vasco Popa, for baritone and string quartet

Birds on Fire (Fretwork, 2001) for viol consort

La Bella Gigugin (Francis Kyle Gallery, 2005), for mezzo-soprano solo

Alligator (ROH, 2009), lyrics by Tamsin Collison, for mezzo-soprano and small band

The World Encompassed (Fretwork, 2010) for viol consort

and narrator In Exile, for cello solo

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