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Choreographed by Ashley Page

Costume design John Galliano

Dancers: Rambert Dance Company

Played by Bruce Nockles (trumpet), John Pigneguy (horn), David Stewart (trombone), Roger Heaton (clarinets), Tracey Goldsmith (accordion), Beverley Davison (violin), Paul Clarvis (percussion), OG (keyboards)


A wild carnival of a piece, based on a Columbian courtship dance, with outrageous costume design by John Galliano.


The music reflects my fascination with flamenco, African, South American and Caribbean music.


Performed by Dutch National Ballet

Choreographed by Ashley Page

Designed by Antony McDonald

Played by Bruce Nockles (trumpet), Michael Thompson, John Pigneguy (horns), David Purser (trombones), OG (keyboards)


At this time I was transfixed by flamenco music, in particular the singer Pepe de la Matrona. The music is based round a gorgeous saeta of his. When I recorded the piece I changed the title to Saeta.

Touch your cool


Choreographed by Ashley Page

Designed by Jon Morrell


‘They talk of nothing much, and there are silences in which they can only look at one another. But neither wants to withdraw and something must be moving between them.....’ Hanif Kureishi


The music, like the setting, is black and white, austere, saxophones and brass. The entire piece has seven beats in the bar, and feels constantly asymmetric. Ashley keeps a beady ear on the music as it is composed. The structure of the music is determined by him as well as me. His ideas for the movement develop with the music and influence its progress. He has an alarming habit of listening to the music so carefully that he knows it better than I do myself. And yet he is not enslaved by it.


Demo and score available on request

stopped talking
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